7 signs you’re a Pierogi fanatic..​.

A few signs that you’re babcia raised you on the BEST food in the world!

1. Your fridge always has a container of sour cream in it.

2. You’ve spent hours in the kitchen pinching dough together because you know if you’re going to make pierogi, you’re going to make A LOT of them! 

3. You know that Pierogi is plural and pieróg is the singular version – but no one uses that because who would ever eat just one pierogi!!!

4. Other people make faces at the word sauerkraut while your mouth waters.

5. You appreciate the “trendy” flavors but will always crave the classic traditional ones <3

6. When someone mentions any brand that isn’t Simply Pierogi

7. No matter how bad your friends mispronounce Pierogi, you still love your besties because they love Pierogi as much as you do!

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