Pierogi for Pediatric Cancer: A better future for our children

Our most basic roots here at Simply Pierogi have always been about creating a quality life for our family, and those of our employees. As a family business, now three generations deep, we here at Simply feel that there is nothing more important than family itself, and at the center of that family: our children

One of the kids sampling our different Pierogi flavors to choose the best one.

That’s why a few weeks ago we got together with a bunch of little smiling faces down at Roswell Park’s pediatric unit to have a pierogi tasting! We left it up to the children to decide on their favorite pierogi flavor. This particular flavor would end up giving a portion of all its sales back to the Courage of Carly Fund! The kids happily decided; some after many second servings of course! To our surprise, it wasn’t one of our sweet flavors like our Apple & Cinnamon or our Blueberry & Cheese that was chosen, but instead our Potato & Onion! How great it was to see the kids loving our most classic and popular flavor. We are especially thrilled that this flavor ended up being the flavor because with it being one of our most popular, it will result in even more being given to this wonderful organization. 

For those who don’t know, the Courage of Carly Fund was started by a little girl who fought her cancer with great courage and optimism, determined to do the living she always dreamed of. Carly Collard Cottone wanted to help other kids battle their cancer with that same spirit she had. What started as Carly’s Club is now an organization that helps fund cancer research and pediatric programs focused on emotional and psychological support and increasing the resources needed, giving all these children a fighting chance.

We couldn’t be more proud of our choice to partner with the Courage of Carly Fund.

We are confident in our choice to go with the Courage of Carly Fund and Roswell Park Cancer Institute as they have long-standing reputations in the WNY community and continue to go above and beyond. We look forward to watching the strides made in their research and the courage created through the pediatric programs. 

“It’s the community donations and partnerships with companies like Simply Pierogi that makes the programs offered by Courage of Carly Fund possible. This generosity provides critical dollars to Roswell Park that advance pediatric cancer research at Roswell Park and enable us to provide year-round programs for kids and families as they’re facing extraordinary challenges,” says Jennifer Hickok, Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Alliance Foundation

We are completely honored to announce this beautiful partnership with the Courage of Carly Fund through Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center right here in our hometown of Buffalo, NY.  We look forward to the fact that this will give the opportunity for the whole community to be involved with creating a better life for these kids.

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