A few Polish words to refresh on before visiting your Babcia

Whether it’s the holidays, your babcia’s birthday (Sto lat, sto lat) or you’re just an amazing wnuczek (grandchild) that visits your grandmother regularly, here is some refresher Polish that is sure to make her smile:

Check out our pronunciation cheat sheet at the end!

1. Greet her with love

Let her know how happy you are to see her with a big “Dzień dobry!” (Good day!) or “Cześć!” (Hello!)

Ask her how she is with a “Jak się masz?” (How are you?)

When she answers “Dobrze, a ty?” you can know she’s well and that she’s asking you how you are. You’ll be able to confidently fire off any of the following responses:

  • Źle / Niedobrze (bad)
  • Tak sobie (so-so)
  • Dobrze (good)
  • Świetnie (excellent)

2. Be polite!

Chances are Babcia will be filling your tummy with all sorts of savory and sweet treats and possibly your pocket with a little gotówka (cash)… so make sure you let her know how grateful you are.

  • Proszę (please)
  • Dziękuję (thank you)
  • Przepraszam (excuse me / sorry)

3. Be prepared to drink!

Chances are Babcia can still hang with the best of us – she’s Polish, isn’t she?? So if the Krupnik comes out or Babcia offers something to drink (piwo, wino, or wódka), you know how to cheers with a nice and loud “Na Zdrowie!”

4. Most importantly, let her know she’s loved

Either “Kocham cię” or “Ja cię kocham” will let your babcia know that you love her. And when she say’s, “Daj mi buzi!“, you better plant her with a nice big kiss!

Need help pronouncing? Check it out:

  • Cześć (chesch) – Hello
  • Dzień dobry (jinedobree) – Good Morning
  • Jak się masz? (yak-she-mash) – How are you?
  • Dobrze, a ty? (dub-zje-ah-teh) – Good, and you?
  • Źle / Niedobrze (zj-le) / (nieh-dub-zje) – Bad / Not good
  • Tak sobie (tahk-sobe) – So, so
  • Dobrze (dub-zje) – Good
  • Świetnie (shvet-nieh) – Excellent
  • Gotówka (go-tuv-ka) – Cash
  • Proszę (proshe) – Please
  • Dziękuję (jen-koo-yea) – Thank you
  • Przepraszam (psheh-pra-shum) – Excuse me / Sorry
  • Piwo (pee-vo) – Beer
  • Wino (vee-no) – Wine
  • Wódka (vood-ka) – Vodka
  • Na Zdrowie (nas-dro-v-yea) – Cheers
  • Ja cię kocham (yea-chi-ko-ham) – I love you
  • Daj mi buzi (die-me-boujee) – Give me a kiss
  • Sto Lat! (sto-laht) – Happy Birthday! (100 Years)

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