7 signs you’re a Pierogi fanatic..​.

A few signs that you’re babcia raised you on the BEST food in the world!

1. Your fridge always has a container of sour cream in it.

2. You’ve spent hours in the kitchen pinching dough together because you know if you’re going to make pierogi, you’re going to make A LOT of them! 

3. You know that Pierogi is plural and pieróg is the singular version – but no one uses that because who would ever eat just one pierogi!!!

4. Other people make faces at the word sauerkraut while your mouth waters.

5. You appreciate the “trendy” flavors but will always crave the classic traditional ones <3

6. When someone mentions any brand that isn’t Simply Pierogi

7. No matter how bad your friends mispronounce Pierogi, you still love your besties because they love Pierogi as much as you do!

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Pierogi for Pediatric Cancer: A better future for our children

Our most basic roots here at Simply Pierogi have always been about creating a quality life for our family, and those of our employees. As a family business, now three generations deep, we here at Simply feel that there is nothing more important than family itself, and at the center of that family: our children

One of the kids sampling our different Pierogi flavors to choose the best one.

That’s why a few weeks ago we got together with a bunch of little smiling faces down at Roswell Park’s pediatric unit to have a pierogi tasting! We left it up to the children to decide on their favorite pierogi flavor. This particular flavor would end up giving a portion of all its sales back to the Courage of Carly Fund! The kids happily decided; some after many second servings of course! To our surprise, it wasn’t one of our sweet flavors like our Apple & Cinnamon or our Blueberry & Cheese that was chosen, but instead our Potato & Onion! How great it was to see the kids loving our most classic and popular flavor. We are especially thrilled that this flavor ended up being the flavor because with it being one of our most popular, it will result in even more being given to this wonderful organization. 

For those who don’t know, the Courage of Carly Fund was started by a little girl who fought her cancer with great courage and optimism, determined to do the living she always dreamed of. Carly Collard Cottone wanted to help other kids battle their cancer with that same spirit she had. What started as Carly’s Club is now an organization that helps fund cancer research and pediatric programs focused on emotional and psychological support and increasing the resources needed, giving all these children a fighting chance.

We couldn’t be more proud of our choice to partner with the Courage of Carly Fund.

We are confident in our choice to go with the Courage of Carly Fund and Roswell Park Cancer Institute as they have long-standing reputations in the WNY community and continue to go above and beyond. We look forward to watching the strides made in their research and the courage created through the pediatric programs. 

“It’s the community donations and partnerships with companies like Simply Pierogi that makes the programs offered by Courage of Carly Fund possible. This generosity provides critical dollars to Roswell Park that advance pediatric cancer research at Roswell Park and enable us to provide year-round programs for kids and families as they’re facing extraordinary challenges,” says Jennifer Hickok, Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Alliance Foundation

We are completely honored to announce this beautiful partnership with the Courage of Carly Fund through Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center right here in our hometown of Buffalo, NY.  We look forward to the fact that this will give the opportunity for the whole community to be involved with creating a better life for these kids.

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A few Polish words to refresh on before visiting your Babcia

Whether it’s the holidays, your babcia’s birthday (Sto lat, sto lat) or you’re just an amazing wnuczek (grandchild) that visits your grandmother regularly, here is some refresher Polish that is sure to make her smile:

Check out our pronunciation cheat sheet at the end!

1. Greet her with love

Let her know how happy you are to see her with a big “Dzień dobry!” (Good day!) or “Cześć!” (Hello!)

Ask her how she is with a “Jak się masz?” (How are you?)

When she answers “Dobrze, a ty?” you can know she’s well and that she’s asking you how you are. You’ll be able to confidently fire off any of the following responses:

  • Źle / Niedobrze (bad)
  • Tak sobie (so-so)
  • Dobrze (good)
  • Świetnie (excellent)

2. Be polite!

Chances are Babcia will be filling your tummy with all sorts of savory and sweet treats and possibly your pocket with a little gotówka (cash)… so make sure you let her know how grateful you are.

  • Proszę (please)
  • Dziękuję (thank you)
  • Przepraszam (excuse me / sorry)

3. Be prepared to drink!

Chances are Babcia can still hang with the best of us – she’s Polish, isn’t she?? So if the Krupnik comes out or Babcia offers something to drink (piwo, wino, or wódka), you know how to cheers with a nice and loud “Na Zdrowie!”

4. Most importantly, let her know she’s loved

Either “Kocham cię” or “Ja cię kocham” will let your babcia know that you love her. And when she say’s, “Daj mi buzi!“, you better plant her with a nice big kiss!

Need help pronouncing? Check it out:

  • Cześć (chesch) – Hello
  • Dzień dobry (jinedobree) – Good Morning
  • Jak się masz? (yak-she-mash) – How are you?
  • Dobrze, a ty? (dub-zje-ah-teh) – Good, and you?
  • Źle / Niedobrze (zj-le) / (nieh-dub-zje) – Bad / Not good
  • Tak sobie (tahk-sobe) – So, so
  • Dobrze (dub-zje) – Good
  • Świetnie (shvet-nieh) – Excellent
  • Gotówka (go-tuv-ka) – Cash
  • Proszę (proshe) – Please
  • Dziękuję (jen-koo-yea) – Thank you
  • Przepraszam (psheh-pra-shum) – Excuse me / Sorry
  • Piwo (pee-vo) – Beer
  • Wino (vee-no) – Wine
  • Wódka (vood-ka) – Vodka
  • Na Zdrowie (nas-dro-v-yea) – Cheers
  • Ja cię kocham (yea-chi-ko-ham) – I love you
  • Daj mi buzi (die-me-boujee) – Give me a kiss
  • Sto Lat! (sto-laht) – Happy Birthday! (100 Years)

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Simply Pierogi takes it’s First Trip to the Midwest

Just one weekend ago the team here at Simply Pierogi took a trip over to Whiting, IN (just 30 minutes outside of Chicago) for THE Pierogi Fest as it celebrated its 25th year! From a Pierogi Parade to a Pierogi Eating Contest, not to mention more Pierogi vendors then you’ll see anywhere else, this festival is a Pierogi lover’s paradise. Needless to say, we were in heaven for three whole days.

We were excited to participate in our first out-of-town festival and anxiously anticipated what type of reactions we would receive so far from home…

Turns out they were a hit! We happily served our Potato & Onion, Apple & Cinnamon, and Blueberry & Sweet Cheese Pierogi to attendees that were coming back for 2nds and even 3rds! Check out some of our new customer’s smiling faces:

The apple cinnamon was amazing! Can’t wait to hit the fest tomorrow and try more! Please come back to Pierogi Fest in Whiting Indiana next year!!!

Jennifer E. from Facebook.

We look forward to participating in more festivals in the Midwest area in the future. Reach out to us if you want to see us at an event in your area.

Thank you to everyone who gave our pierogi a try and we’ll see you next time! Sto lat!

Potato & Fried Onion Pierogi on the griddle.

Simply the Best Pierogi at the Taste of Buffalo

In just two short weeks Buffalo’s biggest and hungriest festival will take Niagara Square and Delaware Avenue by storm, filling the hunger of about 450,000 Buffalonians over the two-day festival weekend! It’s no joke that this is America’s largest two-day food festival.

It’ll be another jam-packed year with more than 50 restaurants, food trucks, and wineries offering a taste of the food that all of us proud Buffalonians brag about to our out-of-town friends and family. We know that that list of foods would not be complete without PIEROGI!

Our awesome team of workers from last year in front of our tent.

We’ll have Loaded Potato & Onion Pierogi topped w/ sour cream, chives, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits AND Slightly-Sauteed Apple Cinnamon Pierogi w/ Apple Slices & Cinnamon Sugar. Oh yesssss! These are served alongside Chrusciki Bakery’s famous White Almond Raspberry Cake and their Cookie-bottom Cheesecake! You might just have to try it all…

Left to right: Apple Cinnamon Pierogi, White Almond Raspberry Swirl Cake, Loaded Potato & Onion Pierogi, and Cookie-bottom Cheesecake
Our booth is #37 right next to Tops.

All of us here at Simply Pierogi are thrilled to serve our Polish pierogi to a city so rich in Polish heritage and ancestry. You can find our delicious pierogi through our parent company Chrusciki Bakery‘s booth (#37) right in Niagara Square next to Top’s Friendly Market’s booth. The same place the bakery has been for 20+ years!

Join us and the rest of Buffalo on July 13th and 14th for all our great city has to offer. For a full list of vendors, information on tickets and more visit www.tasteofbuffalo.com – We’ll see you there!

Buffalo’s Pint’s & Pierogi Festival

It’s that time of year again, the birds are chirping, the trees are growing, the sun is finally shining. This can only mean one thing… Summer is finally here in Buffalo, New York. We waited SIX LONG MONTHS FOR THIS… am I right? BUT, it is finally here and it is time to enjoy this beautiful season!

As a true Buffalonian we know that summertime means we have so many amazing festivals coming our way. There is one festival in particular that we are getting really excited about and that is the Pint’s & Pierogi Fest hosted by Step Out Buffalo.

This is our second year participating in the festival and this year is an extra special year for us because… we are launching our brand new company “Simply Pierogi”. If you are familiar with our history, we started as a Polish bakery “Chrusciki Bakery” over 30 years ago. In 2018, we launched our brand new sister company as “Simply Pierogi” to focus on bringing the Buffalo area and beyond our authentic pierogi.

We are so excited to introduce Simply Pierogi to our Buffalo community and we are thrilled to be debuting it at the Pint’s & Pierogi Fest on June 3rd, 2018.

So what exactly is this so-called Pint’s & Pierogi Fest? I’m glad you asked! This festival is an annual event hosted by Step Out Buffalo, bringing together Buffalo’s best Pierogi makers.

Where? The event is held @ Buffalo Riverworks. Located on their outdoor rink.

When? June 3rd, 2018 from 11am-6pm.

Cost? Admission: $10 pre-sale or at the door. Kid’s 10 and under are free. Each vendor will be selling their signature Pierogi dish for $1-$3. Purchase Tickets Here!

What Else? You can also expect artisan vendors, beer stations, cash bars, live music, games, a pierogi eating contest, and more!



Chrusciki Bakery/Simply Pierogi
Hawaiian BBQ Inc.
House of Munch
Keeping Traditions Pierogi
lloyd’s Taco Truck
Lomo Lomo
Loose Cannon Food Truck
Main Street Ice Cream
Ms. Judi’s
Polish Villa II
Potts Deli & Grille
Ru’s Pierogi
Stella’s Old Fashioned Pierogi
Tata’s Pierogi
The Black Sheep Restaurant & Bar
Totally Edible


Black Fawn Exchange
Buffalo Barkery
Buffalo Made Co.
Buffalo Seamery
Custom Creations Screen Printing
Donna’s Pepper Jelly & Jam
Imagine Buffalo Design
Kissed by the Sun Spices
Live Love Buffalo Apparel
Loti Henna Studio
Mia’s Studio
Mundy Cakes
Nickel City Designs
Nina’s Grace
O.T.E. Manufacturing Co.
Sisters Stella
The Pearl & Stone
Traveling Growler
White Crab Soap Co.
Wood Things For You

Buffalo, New York has such a strong Polish community and we are the city of great food! Therefore, it is only natural that Buffalo is the home of some really great pierogi. This year Simply Pierogi will be offering two signature pierogi dishes:

  1.  Blueberry & Sweet Cheese Pierogi topped with fresh whipped cream and a fresh blueberry.
  2. Potato & Onion Pierogi topped with avocado cream, fresh tomato, and chives.

Also, we will be offering some of our delicious baked goods from Chrusciki Bakery!

What better way to kick off Summer than attending a food festival in Buffalo, New York!? We hope you are just as exciting as we are about this amazing event. We look forward to serving the Buffalo community as Simply Pierogi and want to thank everyone for their continued support! So… will YOU be at the Pint’s and Pierogi Festival? Let us know in the comment section below! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Have a great week foodies!


Dominique Emer ♡

Simply Pierogi