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Courage of Carly Fund

Our most basic roots here at Simply Pierogi have always been about creating a quality life for our family, and those of our employees. As a family business, now three generations deep, we here at Simply feel that there is nothing more important than family itself, and at the center of that family: our children. When the idea of doing “Pierogi for Pediatric Cancer” came up we knew this would be the perfect way to partner with a cause that aligns closely with our own core values. 

The Courage of Carly Fund was started by a little girl who fought her cancer with great courage and optimism, determined to do the living she always dreamed of. Carly Collard Cottone wanted to help other kids battle their cancer with that same spirit she had. What started as Carly’s Club is now an organization that helps fund cancer and blood disorder research and pediatric programs focused on emotional and psychological support. With our help (us & our customers) we can help to increase the resources needed, giving all these children a fighting chance. To learn more, click here

The kids sampled every one of our Pierogi to determine which would represent this beautiful partnership.

Through this partnership, a portion of all sales of our Potato & Onion Pierogi (a flavor the kids picked themselves!) will be donated to the Courage of Carly Fund, both in retail and wholesale business. To help our partnership go a long way, pick up a package of pierogi from the store today or encourage your local restaurant to get their pierogi supply through us!  

We are completely honored to announce this beautiful partnership with the Courage of Carly Fund through Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center right here in our business’s hometown of Buffalo, NY. We’re aware of these organizations holding a long-standing reputation in the community and proud to now be a part of it. 

We look forward to the fact that this will give the opportunity for the whole community to be involved with creating a better life for these kids through patient well-being, research, and a multitude of pediatric programs. 

Click here for a full list of where you can get our Pierogi to help support.